Our mission is to build resilient, inclusive communities of people, small homes, and shared amenities in order to connect with each other and our environment.

Join us in achieving our goal to live sustainably in community.

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Who we are

ACE Society (ACES) is a non-profit group that wants to build sustainably and over time be a resource for others to do the same. ACES mission is above – to create a community of people with small homes and shared amenities to connect with each other and our environment.

The land we’ve chosen for our community is in the City of Maple Ridge.

We meet regularly to continue our work to build the complete community called BeeLiving Ecovillage.

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Where we are now

We have land appropriate for a community of around 20 homes to be built on and have taken significant pre-development steps to confirm its feasibility.

The current vision for the Ecovillage consists of small homes (on foundations) and perhaps tiny homes. We’re open to whatever housing form allows us to build best with the land’s natural environment and a site design concept from our engaged experts can be viewed above. The community would include many shared amenities, like a shop and design with regenerative agriculture for the natural spaces in mind.

With the help of experts we have engaged, we are planning and confirming the feasibility of of the community we intend to build.

Participation in ACES is separated into 3 categories: Board, Member and Subscriber.

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ACE Society vision:

Multiple communities living by ACE values.









Create our community with cost-effective maintenance as part of building and community design. Group participation helps us be financially resilient.


Create our community with co-housing or pocket neighborhood principles, so being easy to connect with each other is part of the design.


Create our community with a focus on lowering our carbon footprint. Nurture our natural surroundings with regenerative amenities and practices, so our community can connect with and support our environment.

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